Today's lifestyles demand versatile seating alternatives for moving life from inside to the great outdoors, and back again.Say goodbye to rigid deckchairs and hard seats. 

Our luxurious Smartbeanbags turn a balcony, backyard or deck into a summer socialising zone that all your friends and family will love to kick back and relax in. 

Smart outdoor beanbags are so light and portable that you can transport them to wherever they’re needed— the lounge, the deck, the beach house or the boat. These bean bags are the ultimate in portable comfort and seating solutions, indoors or out. 


Absolutely not. There is a BIG difference between a Smart outdoor beanbag and other companies’ bean bags that ‘claim’ to be built for outdoors. The quality we build into each beanbag results in a product that not only outlasts other brands, but that also out-comforts them too.  

Smart Unique Design

Perhaps one of the most significant differences with outdoor Smartbean bags is that they are cleverly designed with the ability to hold their shapes for maximum comfort and style.No more unsightly ‘sacks’ of beans—just sleek curves that complement your indoor or outdoor space. 

They are resilient to salt water and air, UV resistant, treated for mildew, ideal for wet outdoor environments 

Smartbean bags are beautifully handcrafted by a small team of skilled machinists in South Africa. Through strict quality control, quality craftsmanship and an impeccable attention to detail we ensure that all Smart outdoor bean bags have a waterproof liner which contains styrene mini beads for comfort and shape. This liner allows for the cover to be easily removed and washed.

Living Catalogue
Smart Living Catalogue Nov 2017.pdf (4.76MB)
Living Catalogue
Smart Living Catalogue Nov 2017.pdf (4.76MB)


Elite Beanbag Chair

Elite Pouf - Tall

Elite Pouf - Large

Elite Lounger

 Cherry Leaf Chair 

Cherry Leaf Pouf - Tall

Cherry Leaf Pouf - Large

Cherry Leaf Lounger

Lotus Double Bean Bag Chair

Lotus Ottoman

Kids Elite Beanbag Chair

Kids Elite Pouf - Tall

Kids Elite Pouf - Large

Promo 1 Bean Bag

Prom 2 Bean Bag Chair

Promo 3 Bean Bag Chair

Promo 1 Bean Bag Chair

Promo 2 Bean Bag Chair

Promo 3 Bean Bag Chair

New Collection - Summer 2017/18

Stripes are in ! All styles available in striped out and indoor fabrics.

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